Valentine’s Day 2014 is our 17th Anniversary!!!

Rose Petals Florist started out doing wholesale flower delivery to convenience stores and supermarkets. After more than a year of having people knock on the door of our workroom which was in a storefront very near our current shop location, and ask if they could please buy some flowers, we decided to take the plunge and everything came together for opening our doors to retail customers on Valentine’s Day

We were shocked to discover during the day that there were people lined up on the sidewalk waiting their turn to buy roses for Valentine’s Day.

We’ve always loved roses and if anyone presses us to tell what our favorite flowers are, we would have to admit that roses are very special to us.

To celebrate our anniversary, we have put a special offer on our Facebook page, to thank our wonderful local customers. Please visit our Facebook page to see the details of the offer and if you want to get the offer, just click the little  Get Offer button there, and the offer coupon with all the details will be sent to your email by the Facebook system.

Here’s a hint on what the offer is: It involves roses and the price that we started with on that first Valentine’s Day 17 years ago. 😉

Go to Facebook now and get your special offer.