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Roses Little Falls NY

Roses – Little Falls Roses – The Rose Specialist

Rose Petals Florist has encountered Many, many Roses through the nearly 30 years of Floristry

When I started working with Roses the most popular and most used rose was the ‘Visa’ rose. This was a beautiful Equidorian rose that sold well.


in South America, Growing roses and re-germinating the seed time after time for so long will weaken the variety of the Rose.


A new rose was waiting for introduction named “Samantha”.


The Samantha Rose was beautiful and stared out with very large Rose Buds. I Always call these roses “Jumo Roses” .


The Samanthas are the Roses that were still growing strong with seed reproduction seven years later when I opened my Little Falls flower Shop ROSE PETALS FLORIST.


The “Jumbo Roses” really gave my business a great start.


Roses Grow much larger during the Elnino and Elnina weather patterns.  I even had Roses 8 ft tall one year that we used on one of our parade floats.


These roses had a large thick stem that also shows a healthy rose.


The ‘Samantha’ rose variety started to wean just in time for the introduction of another beautiful hardy rose.   This rose was appropriately named in the introduction year.


2001 the introduction of the ‘Freedom Rose’  came along and with it is the high petal count in the strong healthy south American rose.


The Jumbo Roses grow beautiful Large Rose Buds along with a very thick stem and plenty of large thorns.


When we design a vase of roses we remove the excess thorns below the water line only.


I’m expecting that a beautiful replacement for the Freedom rose will be coming along as the crops have a lot of years on them.


I am Keeping my eye on the Large Rose Bud Red Rose named ‘Sexy Red’.


This is a very beautiful rose.


Watch for more Rose information through the month of January so you can make the right Rose purchase for upcoming Valentine’s Day!


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