Little Falls Florist – Flower Delivery by ROSE PETALS FLORIST

You want to Order Flowers at a Little Falls Florist – flower delivery by ROSE PETALS FLORIST (315)823)7073  Also order online direct for Flower delivery in and around Little Falls.  We are your Little Falls Florist – Flower delivery by ROSE PETALS FLORIST, Little Falls NY.Stop by 343 South 2nd Street any time.


ROSE PETALS FLORIST designs all occasion flowers in all price points for every event and has flower delivery.  (315)823-7073.


Red Roses from ROSE PETALS FLORIST lasts beautifully for 2 – 3 weeks while designed in a vase.


We also have a beautiful glass vase arrangement that sells very well which includes beautiful seasonal flowers as do our nice basket arrangements.

little falls flowers ROSE PETALS FLORIST (315)823-7073

Little Falls NY Flowers ROSE PETALS FLORIST seasonal flowers (315)823-7073 at ROSE PETALS FLORIST

ROSE PETALS FLORIST designs beautiful ‘breathtaking Wedding Flowers.


We have been designing your wedding for many years resulting in many Happy Brides!’


We work with the brides budget.



Our Sympathy Flowers are Beautiful and Affordable.  We always design beautiful ‘Full’ traditional ‘Fan Shaped’ Funeral baskets for about 30 years.  They are beautiful one-sided Arranged Specifically for funeral home  ‘visitation’.


We sell A lot of the Glass Vase Sympathy Arrangements as well that are popular with everyone.


We have offered the Home style Sympathy Vase for many years and its a base that has grown in popularity.


This arrangement is a wide glass vase arranged with a nice assortment of seasonal blooms.


We use many stems of flowers to make a beautiful garden display to include lilies, roses, chrysanthemums, rover mum stems, spider mum stems, statuses, babysbreath and the list continues on.


Our Casket Blankets can not be beat.  We make them to cover most of the closed area if a casket.  We also make them beautiful and cost friendly.  We are probably the last Florist that starts the casket spray at $99.00.


Stop by our Flower Shop 343 South 2nd Street, Little Falls or call now (315)823-7073.


We have flower delivery to all Funeral Homes and we deliver to businesses and residential.


We are your Little Falls FLORIST – Flower delivery by ROSE PETALS FLORIST .