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Order flowers from your Little Falls NY Florist ROSE PETALS FLORIST Call: (315)823-7073.


Your LITTLE FALLS NY FLORIST at 343 South 2nd Street has been a FLORIST for close to 30 years.  We pride ourselves in our beautiful unique designs but we are also experts in flower care.

little falls, NY FLORIST

little falls ny florist ROSE PETALS FLORIST

Designing and sales go hand in hand.  We make beautiful designs and we sell  to our customers designs they are happy with.


Two week guarantee on Fresh Flowers from ROSE PETALS FLORIST!


Our  knowledge in this trade is unstoppable!


When you ask us questions about this trade, flower care, pricing, we have the answers.


Your Knowledgeable florists are where you will always get the best Flowers and the best prices.


ROSE PETALS FLORIST only buys the very best flowers to resell to our dedicated customers.


We purchase the freshest, most beautiful flowers and we  guarantee the freshness for 2 weeks after the flowers leave our shop.!


 Two week guarantee of Fresh Flowers only at ROSE PETALS FLORIST! 

guarantees the flower freshness because we know how to order the freshest most vibrant flowers, we are the flower experts and we only sell the Freshest Product.


When you buy flowers only  order from your Little Falls NY FLORIST (315)823-7073








Little Falls Florist flower delivery by ROSE PETALS FLORIST.  We have FLOWER DELIVERY-This includes LITTLE FALLS, Dolgeville, Herkimer, Ilion, Barneveld, Newport, Fort Plain, Canajoharie, Richfield Springs, Salisbury Center, Stratford, and of COOPERSTOWN NY. Stop by our shop AT 343 SOUTH 2ND STREET or call us, any day of the week, including Sunday.  We have 7 days a week delivery of flowers so you can have flowers delivered on the exact special day.  Whether it’s a birthday, anniversary, Valentine’s Day  or a Sunday holiday like Easter or Mother’s Day, We DELIVER!.


You can search the Internet for another florist that hand delivers flowers 7 days a week, but you will not find another florist in our area who does deliver flowers any day, Monday through Friday, plus Saturday and Sunday.


Ordering is easy, just call us at 315-823-7073. We have extended hours to call-in orders, just call between 6 am and 11 pm.  Your satisfaction is our priority. WE DELIVER


LITTLE FALLS FLORIST FLOWER delivery for all occasion flowers for deliverey

Stop by or call us with the name of the person that you are sending flowers to.  Then the address of where you would like us to deliver the flowers and what you would like to say to that person so we can write it on the card.  We will then talk to you about what you would like to send a d the dollar amount you want to spend.  We then have you give us your credit card information so we can get busy on making the most beautiful flowers you’ll ever have delivered.  You can also text me the entire order and then call me with your credit card info.  You can text me at the same number (315)823-7073.




Shop Sympathy Flowers ROSE PETALS FLORIST 343 South 2nd Street Little Falls NY (315)823-7073 We Deliver!


sympathy spray

Custom Sympathy Flowers



sympathy flowers

Sympathy flowers

little falls ny sympathy flowers


We can also bring floral books and Pictures of our designs to your home to make flower ordering easier and more convenient for you and your family.



Ask about our family packages. Call now(315)823-7073 for Sympathy Flowers.

Casket spray


We also have a Family Package to include two vases and a Casket Spray for $195.00 by Calling (315)823-7073 or stopping by 343 South 2nd Street, Little Falls, NY.


Sympathy flowers ROSE PETALS FLORIST

SHOP Smart shop Sympathy Flowers ROSE PETALS FLORIST (315)823-7073.














Flowers to Welcome a New Baby

Flowers for a  New Baby, whether a boy or a girl, always call for a soft look in flowers.

Does this mean you have to send pink or blue bouquets?

Actually, Baby Blue and Pale Pink are no longer the absolute standards in baby flower bouquets. Baby nurseries are now popping up in cheery green, yellow, and subtle mauves.

So when sending flowers for a new arrival occasion, if you know the color theme that is being used, go with that.

If you are not sure about that color theme, it’s always safe to order a beautiful mixture of soft colors in flowers for this occasion.

Miniature Roses Are a Nice Change from the Ordinary New Baby Flowers Gift

Miniature roses in colors of your choice do also signify new baby, being small, and delicate. This makes a beautiful vase with mini roses and baby’s breath.

What Else Can I Include with the New Baby Flowers?

Add a balloon and a plush animal! That will always signify Baby, and we will  fasten them on any vase.

A great addition to flowers for the arrival of a new baby is to include baby bottles, wash cloths, or diapers.

For those that want to go the extra mile, you can order a vase of flowers along with a complete Baby Gift Basket to include diapers, washcloths, q-tips, pacifiers, rattles and a blanket.

Other Options?

Perhaps you might want us to send a green plant that will grow as the new baby grows. This is an unusual option that becomes a life long gift with proper care. You might like to browse this link to give you some ideas of what would be a long lasting plant that can grow with your child.

When you want to congratulate parents and welcome the new baby, Rose Petals Florist is sure to design exactly what you are looking for. Give us a call at 315-823-7073 or for easy online ordering, click here.


Ordering Anniversary Flowers

When ordering Anniversary Flowers, a major thought to keep in mind is if the Florist will deliver your Anniversary Flowers on the actual day of your Anniversary. Rose Petals Florist, your hometown florist in Little Falls NY, has 7 day a week Flower delivery.  So, we can deliver your Anniversary Flowers any day of the week.

When you want to send Anniversary Flowers, call in your order for delivery or stop by for us to design your Anniversary Flowers and you can take them with you. Your choice.

anniversary flowers LITTLE FALLS ALLS NY

Anniversary Flowers – Little Falls NY

We believe that our 7 day a week flower delivery is unique

No other local or non-local florist that we know of will deliver such important flowers as Anniversary Flowers on the exact day you desire.

Our Flowers are Fresh and Beautiful.  We have flower delivery right to your door in Little Falls.

We also deliver Anniversary Flowers to homes in and around Little Falls, including St Johnsville, Dolgeville, Herkimer, Mohawk, Ilion, and more. Just call to ask if can deliver to your location. 315-823-7073

ROSE PETALS FLORIST has daily flower deliveries to All Hospitals and Nursing Facilities in our local and surrounding towns.

We are always available to take your orders for Anniversary Flowers. We are just a phone call away (315)823-7073.

Your Anniversary Florist ROSE PETALS FLORIST!

Because of our unique 7 day flower delivery service, we are your perfect provider for Anniversary Flowers!

You might try searching for florists online that will deliver on Sundays, but what we found was that although a couple of the big name national flower order takers said they deliver on Sunday, when we started to place an order, when we got to the page where you select your delivery date, the Sunday date had the note “Unavailable”. See below for a screenshot of that particular result:

online ordering for Sunday delivery

Best Florist for Ordering Anniversary Flowers – 7 days a week delivery service!

If you have lots of time to search the Internet, you could try searching  Google for Sunday flower delivery. Although there seems to be Sunday delivery wording in the Ads and in the website listings in the search results, we couldn’t find any that actually do offer Sunday delivery, except Rose Petals Florist.





ROSES – Little Falls NY Roses – The Rose Specialist

Roses – Little Falls ny Roses – The Rose Specialist Little Falls NY.


Roses Little Falls NY

Roses – Little Falls Roses – The Rose Specialist

Rose Petals Florist has encountered Many, many Roses through the nearly 30 years of Floristry

When I started working with Roses the most popular and most used rose was the ‘Visa’ rose. This was a beautiful Equidorian rose that sold well.


in South America, Growing roses and re-germinating the seed time after time for so long will weaken the variety of the Rose.


A new rose was waiting for introduction named “Samantha”.


The Samantha Rose was beautiful and stared out with very large Rose Buds. I Always call these roses “Jumo Roses” .


The Samanthas are the Roses that were still growing strong with seed reproduction seven years later when I opened my Little Falls NY flower Shop ROSE PETALS FLORIST.


The “Jumbo Roses” really gave my business a great start.


Roses Grow much larger during the Elnino and Elnina weather patterns.  I even had Roses 8 ft tall one year that we used on one of our parade floats.


These roses had a large thick stem that also shows a healthy rose.


The ‘Samantha’ rose variety started to wean just in time for the introduction of another beautiful hardy rose.   This rose was appropriately named in the introduction year.


2001 the introduction of the ‘Freedom Rose’  came along and with it is the high petal count in the strong healthy south American rose.


The Jumbo Roses grow beautiful Large Rose Buds along with a very thick stem and plenty of large thorns.


When we design a vase of roses we remove the excess thorns below the water line only.


I’m expecting that a beautiful replacement for the Freedom rose will be coming along as the crops have a lot of years on them.


I am Keeping my eye on the Large Rose Bud Red Rose named ‘Sexy Red’.


This is a very beautiful rose.


Watch for more Rose information through the month of January so you can make the right Rose purchase for upcoming Valentine’s Day!


Roses – Little Falls ny Roses –  The Rose Specialist at ROSE PETALS FLORIST Can always be reached at (315)823-7073.

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Dolgeville Flowers

Flowers dolgeville ny ROSE PETALS FLORIST 343 S. 2ND ST. LITTLE FALLS NY.  PH. (315)823-7073.

Dolgeville Flowers - ROSE PETALS FLORIST

Dolgeville Flowers – ROSE PETALS FLORIST

We deliver Flowers to Dolgeville, ny and all Salisbury Center areas.


Remember our Valentine’s roses start at $35.00 a dozen!


We are all occasion and have the very best price.  You always get your moneys worth here.


Our Sympathy Flowers are Full and beautiful and affordable.

Dolgeville Flowers - ROSE PETALS FLORIST

Dolgeville Flowers – ROSE PETALS FLORIST


Our weddings are Beautiful and we always have happy brides with our “weddings on a budget”.basis


ROSE PETALS FLORIST has the fresh flower vases that everyone loves and at the price that you live.


Stop by our Little Falls Flower shop to say hi to Skinner and Sandy when you want the most beautiful flowers.  Its always worth the deive for the best flowers.


Call us and we will deliver flowers for you.


Flowers Dolgeville NY by ROSE PETALS FLORIST!

Your Little Falls NY Florists

Little Falls NY Florists – Flower delivery by ROSE PETALS FLORIST.  Your Little Falls florists in Little Falls NY.


ROSE PETALS FLORIST  is one of very few florists that has learned a traid.  A traid that continues to bring smiles to so many faces.


We are located at 343 South 2nd Street Little Falls.  Stop by or Call (315)823-7073.


Call us for your next flower delivery in Little Falls NY and surrounding areas.  We deliver flowers within the city of Little Falls and all of the Surrounding  areas. Towns and villages such as Salisbury Center, Dolgeville and St. Johnsville, NY.

Little Falls Florists - Flower Delivery by ROSE PETALS FLORIST

Little Falls Florists – flower delivery by ROSE PETALS FLORIST

You can call us from all over the world and know that we are your trusted Little Falls florists.   We design exactly the way that you want.  Knowing that you are looking for Beautiful Flowers. We know that you want to see your money’s worth in flowers and design.


Stop by 343 South 2nd Street Little Falls to grab a quick bouquet or a flower filled vase from one of our coolers.


Little Falls Florist - Flower delivety by ROSE PETALS FLORIST

We have the most beautiful floral arrangements and flower vases to send for every occasion and at all price points.


When designing flowers for the recipient we design custom arrangements with you and the recipiant in mind.


ROSE PETALS FLORIST has the most Admired flower shop in Central NY. When you come shopping here, you are shopping with a true Florist.


We consintrate 100% on Fresh Flowers & Fresh Roses first.  A close second important factor is with our expert  floral designers creating all of the beauty that you can imagine.


Our top Florists have the horticultraul expertise and the best design ability to design a long lasting beautiful vase of flowers and roses above all competitors hands down!


Always shop ROSE PETALS FLORISTS Where we are skilled floral designers.  We obtained our skill from our many years in the flower business and working for prestigious Florists that taught the tricks of the trade.


A True floral designer dose Not just ‘teach them selves the trade’.  If they say they tought themselves this trade, the best thing you can do is Run Away.


A skilled florists knows what you are looking for, knows how to price the item and knows how to make something thar ‘every one’ admires!


Our Flower shop is known to have the freshest flowers and the longest lasting flowers and roses.  As long as the flower recipient adds water and keeps the flowers and roses away from direct heat and direct cold- they should last a few weeks at home.


Our Happy Customers are Happy Repeat Customers because they Love our Fresh Flowers.  Our Customers love the fact that our Flowers seem to oulasts the compitions.  Above all the Beauty in our floral designs as we keep the costs low is a main factor!


Call (315)823-7073 when you need Little Falls Florists – Flower Delivery By ROSE PETALS FLORIST.


Your Little Falls NY florists is only a call away!


ROSE PETALS FLORIST – Little Falls Florist 343 South 2nd Street Little Falls NY IS your hometown Florists.

ROSE PETALS FLORIST - Little Falls Florist

ROSE PETALS FLORIST – Little Falls Florist

We design the most beautiful flowers at ROSE PETALS FLORIST – LITTLE FALLS FLORIST.


Our delivery area is within a 30 mile radiaus of our Flower Shop.

Call us (315)823-7073