Birth Month Flowers

Did you know there are also flowers related to the months of the year? You don’t have to limit yourself to any particular flowers to send as Birthday Flowers, but we hope you find this information interesting.

Almost everyone knows about birthstones (precious and semi-precious gems) related to the month of the year in which a person was born.

Read on to discover what your Birth Month Flower is!

January: Where we are located in upstate New York, there really are not any flowers currently blooming outdoors. However, further South there are flowers that bloom during cool seasons. The carnation is one of these flowers that can grow in cool temperatures.

The meanings associated with the carnation are love, fascination, and distinction.

The colors of carnations span a wide range from white to pink to deep red or purple.  And, if you need an unusual color that isn’t normally available in natural flowers, white carnations can be dyed any color you like.

Tip: If you need special colored carnations, order them at least a week ahead of time so we can get the carnations and the appropriate dye and prepare your special color carnations.

February: Most people think of this month being related to St. Valentine’s Day and red roses. But, you may be surprised to learn that the flower for the month of February is the Violet!

This flower symbolizes faithfulness, humility, and purity. Giving violets during the Victorian era gave the message, “I will always be faithful to you.”

The colors of violets can range from blue, to mauve, to cream and yellow. A little known  fact is that many years ago in England, the violet was called “heartease”.

Spring Brings Cheerful Flowers That Make Lovely Birthday Flowers

March: Because Spring begins in March, it is not surprising that the flower most associated with this month is the bright and cheerful Daffodil. Other names for related flowers are Jonquil and Narcissus.

The colors of the Daffodil can include white, yellow and orange.

Giving a gift of  Daffodils as a Birthday Flowers gift can transmit a message of friendship and happiness.

April: This month is associated with the Sweet Pea flower which blooms in a wide array of  pastel hues as well as two-tone colors.

The symbolism of this flower can mean either Joy or Good-bye.  In Victorian times, Sweet Peas in a bouquet indicated thankfulness.

May: The Lily of the Valley blooms in  May scents the air with it’s delicate, sweet fragrance. The Lily of the Valley is usually white, and is associated with sweetness and humility.

In Victorian times, Lilies of the Valley were given as romantic gifts that meant, “You have made my life complete.”

Roses Rule! But Not Only In Summer

June: The Rose is the flower for June. Roses are available in numerous colors, from red to pink to white to yellow, peach, and orange, and even lavender, and a deep color that borders on black. Each rose color has their own message.

However, overall, roses convey a message of  love and passion.

July: Larkspur is the bloom for July. With its simple and delicate shape, it sends a message of open hearted sentiment and strong connection.

August: The flower for August is the Gladiolus.  It blooms in an assortment of colors like red, pink, white, yellow and orange.

The Galdiolus sends a message of sincerity and is a symbolizes strength of character.

Asters Brighten Fall Days

September: The Aster is the flower for September. Its blooms are available in many colors, such as pink, red, white, lilac, and mauve.  Because the Aster has a star-like shape, it gets its name from the Greek word for star.   The Aster blossom represents love, faith, and wisdom.

October: The Marigold or Calendula is the flower representing October. For  Hindus in India, October is when celebrations like Dusshera and Diwali take place, the Marigold has come to be a part of the religious ceremonies. In the English culture, the Marigold’s meaning is related to sympathy and compassion.

November: The Chrysanthemum stands for cheerfulness and love, and it brightens up the shorter and colder days as the month of November goes on.

According to Feng Shui, Chrysanthemums bring joy and laughter to the home.

Poinsettias Are Traditional for Winter Holidays

December: Poinsettia flowers are usually associated with Christmas.These blooms are regularly connected with Christmas. Hundreds of years ago the Aztecs considered Poinsettias as symbols of purity. Today, the bright red, white, and pink Poinsettias are considered to bring good cheer and success.

When given as a gift, Poinsettias bring a festive message of happiness and celebration.

Most Birthday Flowers Can Be Ordered Year Round

Don’t limit yourself to these flowers to the particular months, though, since most of them can be ordered throughout most of the year.

Click here for our Birthday Flowers page where you can see our floral selections and either order online or call in your order to 315-823-7073. Also, if you have special requests for flowers you can’t find on our pages, please call us. We can definitely make custom arrangements to your specifications.

Seven – Day a week Flower Delivery

sexy red roses - little falls florists - ROSE PETALS FLORIST

Little Falls Florists – Flower Delivery – ROSE PETALS FLORIST

Little Falls Florist seven – day a week flower delivery – ROSE PETALS FLORIST 343 South 2nd Street Little Falls NY has the most beautiful longest lasting Fresh Flowers in Little Falls.

When sending flowers in Little Falls call or stop by to order flowers or to pick your flowers up.

We deliver Fresh Flowers in Little Falls and surrounding areas.

Your Little Falls Florist seven day a week Flower Delivery – ROSE PETALS FLORIST is always available for your flower order.

Cheap prom flowers

  1. Cheap Prom Flowers Little Falls N.Y. FLORIST ROSE PETALS FLORIST has  many styles, shapes & textures for your Colorful Prom Corsage!
  2. All colors to make your outfit POP!
  3. Large assortment of flowers to choose from for your unique personalized fresh flower Prom Corsage; such as: Mini Roses, Orchids, Alsromeria, Annenomies, Gardenias and so many more.
  4. Beautiful CORSAGES with shiny sequens, feathers & gems in a choice of colors with  matching ribbons & bows.

His compatable boutinier only $5.00

  1. Last minute orders are always Welcome.
  2. Order Early for your unique design
  3. Don’t break the bank; SHOP ROSE PETALS FLORIST
  6. (315)823-7073
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Florists Little Falls

Florists Little Falls


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Prom flowers

2019 prom flowers $25.00

Shop ROSE PETALS FLORIST  for your prom flowers this year and you will have the most beautiful prom corsage designed exactly the way A CORSAGE SHOULD be designed.

LAST minute orders are  ALWAYS welcome!!

ROSE PETALS FLORIST at 343 South 2nd Street, Little. Falls, NY will make the most beautiful fresh flowers corsage for your special night at a price of $25.00 & up.

Prom flowers

2019  prom flowers $25,00


We create a beautiful corsage to compliment your PROM dress THAT includes all the trimmings.

We match and compliment the colors of your prom wardrobe.

Remember;  We start pricing for PROM CORSAGE at  $25.00 & up.

Mens boutonier $9.99.



2018 prom flowers $25.00

2018 Prom Flowers $25.00j

We have the Best Price for you the student; AFFORDABLE, beautiful & fresh Prom flowers & silk PROM FLOWERS made with a large choice of beautiful PROM FLOWERS $25.00 & up.


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Prom flowers

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Orchid corsage

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 We have designed prom flowers for close to 25 years.  

We make sure that we make your prom corsage so you can dance up a storm while wearing prom flowers; The corsage stays on your wrist & still holds up.


 We know; you, are our future.  

You will remember the beautiful fresh flowers prom corsage that you get from ROSE PETALS FLORIST at a Fair Price and you will come back in the future anytime you need flowers for the freshest & Most beautiful flowers.


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2018 prom flowers $25.00


We do Prom corsage for Little Falls High School, Dolgeville High School and St. Johnsville.


2018 prom flowers $25.00 – ROSE PETALS FLORIST

We have recently made prom corsage for school prom as far, away as Westmorland, West Winfield, Holland  Patient, UTICA and Van Hornsville.


The Prom students and the parents of the students are liking the designs and our affordable pricing.­


Just call in your 2018 PROM FLOWERS $25.00 OR STOP IN 343 SOUTH 2ND STREET, LITTLE FALLS OR CALL(315)823-7073..


2018 PROM FLOWERS $25.00

Wedding Flowers 2019

Order your Dream Wedding Flowers 2019 Now and Reduce the Stress

If your wedding date is fast approaching and you haven’t ordered your wedding flowers yet, give us a call.

We don’t require orders for wedding flowers to be made months or a year ahead.

We can even accommodate a wedding flowers order on quite short notice. To get exactly the flowers you want, though, please order as soon as you can. Special flower orders take us a few days to receive from our suppliers.

Some brides do plan well ahead, but it’s never too late to order your Wedding Flowers 2019 from Rose Petals Florist.

We provide wedding flowers for Oneida County, Herkimer County, and Montgomery County weddings.  You can pick up your wedding flowers, or if you need us to setup your flowers at your ceremony and reception sites, that can be arranged.

Affordable and Beautiful The Perfect Combination for Wedding Flowers 2019

Our wedding flowers are always tastefully designed as well as affordable. If you do any comparison shopping for wedding flowers, we are sure when you call Rose Petals Florist, you’ll be pleased with our pricing.

Stop by our flower shop at 343 South 2nd Street, Little Falls, N.Y. or call any time  for your FREE phone consultation and quote.  (315)823-7073

Freshest Wedding Flowers From Around The World

 We order the freshest flowers from all over the world. We design with unique FRESH IDEAS and creatively and artfully design your wedding flowers to give your wedding the elegance you desire.

Flowers You Like At The Price You Like

We help make your Wedding day the best it can be with fresh flowers that you like and at the price that you want to spend. We:

  • Design everything that you need us to make in flowers for your Wedding.
  • Create floral pieces for all size weddings from small to large and everything in between.
  • Design everything from Church Flowers to wedding party flowers.
  • Make flowers for tables.

We create the most beautiful look for your sweetheart table

You can choose centerpieces of all sizes and heights, in design dishes, bud vases, trumpet vases or mason jars (for the country look).

Also, be sure to tell us what you would like in  flower corsages and floral wreaths.  If you can describe it, we can make what-ever you have in mind.

We never turn down a wedding and we are always up for a challenge.

 We have designed beautiful dream weddings for close to 30 years!

Our experiences include creating wedding flowers for weddings in the Utica / Rome Area,  throughout the Mohawk Valley, as well as  for the greater leatherstocking area of St. Johnsville, Fort Plain and Canajoharie.  We design weddings in Little Falls, Dolgeville, Salisbury Center, Middleville,  Newport and Barneveld areas.

We Have Many Years Experience in Wedding Flowers

 With Each Wedding We Make, We Get More Talented.

Every wedding is truly unique to the couple getting married.  I, Sandy, personally create the wedding flowers at Rose Petals Florist.

I was involved in a 10 year Wedding Florist contract  in NYC where I learned hands-on wedding floral ideas at each different wedding setting. These ideas I incorporate in my wedding work for finishing touches that you will absolutely love.

I look at the surroundings and I work with it to make your Wedding Flowers uniquely yours.

For instance:

The Marina Del Rey In Bronx, NY had a beautiful backdrop of the East River.

Anthony’s Pier 9 in New Windsor, NY has 5 different rooms to decorate for each reception.  The backdrop is a Cinderella Coach alongside the Hudson River to work with.

My favorite is Lenard’s In Long Island where the famous clear Piano from the ‘I Love Lucy’ show sets.

The Mohonk Mountain House also has many beautiful backdrops that  I’ve worked with.

It’s all about the venues and being able to visualize the surroundings and make it work.

I finished my 10 year contract with NYC weddings and now I’m concentrating on our local area.

I have also devised a way for you, the guest of honor, to have all the beauty  and elegance of those snazzy NYC weddings at a price that’s more suitable for central NY.

Locally I have created beauty In wedding flowers at many locations including the Overlook, Beardslee Castle, The Inn, the Elks club, Moreland Park and the list goes on; we make it work!

 I’ve designed weddings for every idea, every ethnic background and every budget.

Along the way, I learned customs of weddings from many world cultures and created wedding flower beauty in so many languages and customs.

 No matter whose budget, Everyone is looking for the Very Best Wedding at the Very Best Price.

 I’m not just a Floral designer but I am also very good with working with your budget.

 Let me create your dream wedding in 2019 on YOUR BUDGET!


We make your dreams come true on YOUR BUDGET!  We incorporate wedding flower beauty in every thought of your dream day.

Fresh flowers in the natural GROWN colors that compliment your vision are the most elegant display of wedding flowers.

CALL your wedding flower shop at ROSE PETALS FLORIST (315)823-7073.  All hours!

Call me on the phone and I will put that wedding you envision, in a matter of minutes, with price and a total vision of what we will make your dream day look like.

Many of our wedding orders  are over the phone: pictures, contract and all.

There’s no need for you to hit the pavement in search of the perfect FLORIST.  We are only a phone call away.

Often I first meet the marrying couple in person on the Wedding Day when I deliver their beautiful Wedding Flowers to the wedding. That’s how precise I understand your vision as you give me your Wedding flower order, even over the phone.

I also have many last-minute wedding orders that are always welcomed.

In actuality,  you REALLY don’t need to think about a down payment for your Wedding flowers until the 1st of the month that you are getting married.  You do however,  need to give me a planning date.  We are capable of designing more than one wedding  per date and have it be uniquely yours.

 Check out our  Google reviews; you’ll find many happy brides that we served.


Wedding Flowers 2019

Wedding flowers for brides 2019

Valentine’s Day 2019 is our 22nd Anniversary!!!

On the topic of Valentine’s Day Roses, Rose Petals Florist began doing wholesale flower delivery to convenience stores and supermarkets. Roses were a big part of that business, as well as other flower types.

roses plus carnations and babies breath in vase with ribbon bow little falls florists

After more than a year of having people knock on the door of our workroom which was in a storefront not far from our current shop location, and ask if they could please buy some flowers, we decided to take the plunge and everything came together for opening our doors to retail customers on Valentine’s Day 22 years ago!.

We were shocked to discover during the day that there were people lined up on the sidewalk waiting their turn to buy roses for Valentine’s Day.

Who Doesn’t Love Roses?

We’ve always loved roses and if anyone presses us to tell what our favorite flowers are, we would have to admit that roses are very special to us.

Call today to order your roses for Valentine’s Day!


We do not raise our rose prices for Valentine’s Day. The prices in the chart below are our year-round rose prices.

Valentine Roses at Rose Petals Florist Little Falls NY

Stop by our shop or call to order your Valentine’s Day Roses now.

Or if you prefer easy online ordering of your roses, click here.





Little Falls NY Florist (315)823-7073

 Little Falls NY Florist in Little Falls NY ROSE PETALS FLORIST 343 South 2nd Street, Little Falls NY 13365.  CALL (315)823-7073


Same day flower delivery

Little Falls ny same day flower delivery


Little Falls NY Rose Petals Florist designs flowers for all occasions.  We make beautiful vase arrangements & baskets for any occasion.


We design Breath-taking wedding flowers for all weddings big and small.


Our Sympathy Flowers are Beautiful Artfully designed Flower FILLED arrangements.  Our Sympathy designs are made where everyone is happy with.



little falls flowers ROSE PETALS FLORIST (315)823-7073





ROSE PETALS FLORIST  ROSE PETALS FLORIST  has been designing flowers since 1987 in Little Falls NY and branched out in 1995 to create our own floral shop with much success.lWe have stood strong Through Thick and thin with  a crazy economy.  We have survived as we continue as your trusted LITTLE FALLS NY FLORIST.     


    ROSE PETALS FLORIST has “Bloomed” in Little Falls thanks to all of you and your families. “

Our Flower shop has been Blessed with our many customers both near and far and we thank you..


We are always dedicated to design only the best floral vases.


We design everyday vases, Weddings, party’s & Funerals. To reach the very best  Florist in the Mohawk Valley.  Call (315)823-7073 When you want flowers call (315)823-7073 your Little Falls NY

little falls Flowers


When Shopping flowers at ROSE PETALS FLORIST know that Our Flower shop sets inside a beautiful soap stone building in the very center of Little Falls NY at 343 South 2nd Street Little Falls.  We are just across the street from the Kinney Drug Store and The Dollar General Parking lot.


Being centrally located and are only minutes away from deliveries in all directions.  We are minutes away from St. Johnsville, Dolgeville and Salisbury Center.


Our Flower designer being skilled and creative does a beautiful job designing flowers for all occasions and every occasion you’re looking for.


We have the most beautiful Flowers in Little Falls NY for every occasion.  Designing  with every design technique for last-minute surprises.

little falls flowers ROSE PETALS FLORIST (315)823-7073

Stop by our Flower shop or call (315)823-7073 to buy your flowers in Little Falls NY


Our Flower designers use the most beautiful all occasion flowers for Little Falls NY Flowers – ROSE PETALS FLORIST.


Our Flower Filled vases are a favorite among many and OUR Fresh flowers lasts for about 3 weeks beautifully.


We welcome last-minute spur of the moment flower orders.  You can always count on ROSE PETALS FLORIST to design the most beautiful vase of flowers.


We design with fresh flowers. Arranged always nicely filling the vase to make it an All-around vase to set in the center of the table.


Our Color 7is unbeatable.  Designing to combine flower colors to create the most unforgettable flower filled vase.


We normally design with bright and bold colors to create a bold statement.  We also design with pastel colors as well as a neon blend of beautiful flowers for an unforgettable beautiful flower gift

Call (315)823-7073  for Little Falls NY flowers for your Little Falls NY .


We have the longest lasting, most beautiful flowers that you can buy.


When you want the very best Flowers, most beautiful lush flower arrangement with the most flowers arranged all the way around in the vase, you want to shop ROSE PETALS FLORIST.


We deliver flowers Little Falls and surrounding areas when you call (315)823-7073.

little falls flowers ROSE PETALS FLORIST (315)823-7073

Little Falls NY Flowers by your local florist.

When the occasion calls for Flowers in Little Falls ,FLOWERS at ROSE PETALS FLORIST is who you want to shop with for the best flowers at the best florist in Little Falls NY


Little Falls NY Flowers by ROSE PETALS FLORIST.


Little Falls GRADUATION Flowers 2019 by ROSE PETALS FLORIST 343 S 2nd Street Little Falls NY.

Cash n carry fresh flowers

GRADUATION flowers Cash n carry FRESH FLOWER BOUQUET only at ROSE PETALS FLORIST! (315)823-7073

Call ROSE PETALS FLORIST for beautiful fresh Graduation Presentation  flower Bouquets to hand the new graduate at the Graduation Ceremony.


We also make Beautiful Fresh Flower corsage & Booutiniers for the new graduate to wear on Graduation day.ROSE PETALS FLORIST always has the favorite affordable flower filled vases for tables at the Graduation Party that everyone loves.





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