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Our affordable pricing starts at $25.00 for corsages, and $5.00 for boutonnieres.

Corsages and boutonnieres Corsages and boutonnieres Corsages and boutonnieres Pink Rose Wrist Corsage

Here’s a little fun with advice on buying a prom corsage:

(**Note: We are not located on Main St. anymore, as the boys mention in the video.)

When you call or stop in to order your corsage, give us information about your date’s dress color and style so we can coordinate the corsage perfectly for you.

Pink Rose Wrist Corsage

Pink Rose Wrist Corsage

Whatever color and flowers you want for your wrist corsage, please give us a call at 315-823-7073 or stop by our shop at 343 S 2nd St, Little Falls, NY. If you have a photo of the prom dress with which to coordinate the corsage, or a swatch of the material of the dress, you could bring it in to help us create a beautiful corsage that compliments your date’s outfit perfectly.

If you know you will want an unusual color or exotic flowers, stop in at least 10 days to two weeks ahead of your prom so we can obtain the special flowers you want.

We can create a boutonniere for your lapel to coordinate with your lovely lady’s corsage, too.

Our shop is located at 343 S 2nd St, Little Falls, NY. If you have trouble finding us, but can find the dollar store parking lot, we are directly East of the parking lot.

Last minute orders accepted. Come in to our shop.

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