Flowers for Every Event By ROSE PETALS FLORIST

Flowers for Every Event By ROSE PETALS FLORIST; Your true hometown Flower shop.

ROSE PETALS FLORIST AT 343 South 2nd Street, Little Falls, N.Y. is your flower shop that designs the most beautiful and appropriate flowers for Every occasion, every event!  We will create your dream wedding with the finest blooms to create the Perfect wedding.

We make the Happiest and most memorable Birthday and Anniversary flowers to bring never-ending smiles!

Flowers for every event by ROSE PETALS FLORIST INCLUDES Prom Flowers, also at the price that you want to spend; the price that everyone can afford!

Flowers for Every Event By ROSE PETALS FLORIST is the FLORIST to call when you want to send Flowers to someone at the hospital.  We deliver to All hospitals in the Utica area as well as Cooperstown and Little Falls.  We deliver flowers to All Nursing homes.

Flowers for Every Event By ROSE  PETALS FLORIST include sympathy flowers as we deliver to all Funeral Homes.

Our sympathy flowers are full size flower filled sympathy arrangements that you can afford!

Flowers for Every Event By ROSE PETALS FLORIST  is Always available to take your floral order.   We have a 24 hr. Order taking line that you can reach by dialing (315)823-7073.

ROSE PETALS FLORIST  is a FLORIST that truly practices the art of being a florist.

 There are many places that are Open because they are ‘creative’ and they can make beautiful floral pieces and also throw a price on it.  The trade of being a FLORIST is Always found at the only true local flower shop 

The art of true floristry is to be able to design a masterpiece every time.  Create your  money’s worth and then some.

 There’s a mathematical formula that is used to figure pricing that apply to all florists.  You know it’s used when you get your moneys worth in stem count.

 The opinion of beauty does not apply when it comes to calculation of stem count multiplied by true cost.

A true FLORIST uses only Fresh Flowers.  A True FLORIST does not re-use flowers from one occasion to The next.

Always check the freshness according to the length of the stem. Fresh FLOWERS always have long stems!  If flowers are falling out of a container, you know you went to the wrong place!!

When you need flowers for Every Event By ROSE PETALS FLORIST, you found your true local florist!

ROSE PETALS FLORIST for Wedding Flowers in Little Falls NY; Wedding Venues

ROSE PETALS FLORIST Wedding Flowers Little Falls N.Y. wedding Venues . D.H.BURRELLS, The Inn at Stone Mill and Beardslee Castle are all Beautifull Wedding Venues where we have created the most Magical wedding flower decor.


When you shop Weddings at ROSE PETALS FLORIST, 343 S.2nd S. Little Falls, N.Y. you know that you are shopping with the Wedding Flower Specialist.


You can stop by  or call for a free phone consultation any time you prefer. We have done many weddings through 30 years and our weddings are beautiful, fresh & vibrant.  You never have to worry about our flowers falling apart as you walk down that isle.  We always design beauty & streangth with Fresh Flowers.


We will accommodate your schedule.  We will also work with your budget to give you the most beautiful wedding while staying within your means!


We will order the exact flowers that you choose to make your day perfect.  We design the very best weddings and we have great credential to show you that we are the Wedding Florist that you want.


We use the freshest flowers from all over the world.  We keep your prices low & we design the most beautiful weddings that become the wedding of your dreams.


ROSE PETALS FLORIST for Wedding Flowers in Little Falls NY; Wedding Venues

EASTER FLOWERS 2018 for the Freshest Flowers by ROSE PETALS FLORIST

EASTER FLOWERS 2018 FOR THE FRESHEST FLOWERS BY ROSE PETALS FLORIST & Flower delivery located at 343 South 2nd St. Little Falls, NY 13365.

We are Open EASTER Sunday till 2 pm.

Phone (315)823-7073

Stop by the shop anytime or call in an order for us to deliver!

This year, we have beautiful Spring table centerpieces to send your love and greetings for a good old fashioned EASTER Dinner table.


We have the Crystal Cross Cenerpiece that includes a beautiful Crystal Cross keepsake in a centerpiece made with a large assortment of fresh, colorful spring flowers.

This Is a beautiful centerpiece for EASTER with the acknowledgment of the true meaning of Passover & the entire EASTER Season.   This Is the Perfect EASTER Gift with a real Crystal Cross Keepsake.


We also have a beautiful Spring Floral Centerpiece that has a beautiful  Porcelain JESUS figure standing in the Garden to display a passage in the Holy Bible.  This Centerpiece is very serene and just perfect to send to a loved one during this EASTER Season.

We use a beautiful assortment of many different colorful flowers to deplict a beautiful Garden.



This Porcelain Figure can be a keepsake that sets on a shelf all year-long as a reminder of the importance of EASTER and the True meaning of Life!


EASTER FLOWERS at ROSE PETALS FLORIST ARE always so fresh and colorful.

Our Flowers last for a matter of 2-3 weeks to give the recipient that long-lasting smile and a nice reminder of your kind thoughts and actions.


EASTER is a perfect refreshing time to send Flowers after a long cold winter and We have the very best selection at 343 South 2nd St. Little Falls (across from the Dollar Store Parking lot.)


ROSE PETALS FLORIST  designs beautiful EASTER Centerpieces and we also make beautiful EASTER corsage to be warned through Easter Sunday.


If you are a guest on EASTER Sunday and the Centerpiece seems to be more than you planned; stop by ROSE PETALS FLORIST to pick UP a quick Fresh floral bouquet to take to the hostess Irene a nice EASTER Lily!




2018 Wedding FLOWERS by ROSE PETALS FLORIST your Local Wedding Florist with affordable pricing!

Wedding flowers for brides 2018!

2018 Wedding FLOWERS by ROSE PETALS FLORIST is your best choice when it comes to Wedding Flower beauty, design and freshness.

2018 Wedding FLOWERS by ROSE PETALS FLORIST 343 South 2nd Street, Little Falls are your best choice in Wedding Flowers In Design because we truly design your Wedding to be unique to you, your dress, your tastes, your style, Your Choice, your price- your Wedding!

No matter what price range you are looking for, you will have the most beautiful flowers designed at the only flower shop that will truly DESIGN your wedding flowers without having to follow a recipe  of a bouquet on a page that so many other brides have carried.  Make YOUR floral choice to have ROSE PETALS FLORIST Design Your FLOWERS uniquely to you and your Wedding without breaking the bank!  Your wedding FLOWERS are sure to be breath-taking when you trust ROSE PETALS FLORIST.

ROSE PETALS FLORIST carries only the freshest FLOWERS and you will always know it by comparing our FLOWERS against our competitors.  Remember, competition in this business is cruel.  Don’t listen to nasty tales from our competitors as they try to soak your last dime.

You can always tell our freshness in flowers through the vibrant colors of our FLOWERS, but the main characteristic of a fresh flower is the ability to have a crisp look.  A fresh flower is a strong flower that is vibrant and crisp.  And, with fresh flowers, there is no need for using wire, tubes, and tape to stick everything together. If the flowers are being handled properly, wedding flowers don’t just break.

Don’t fall for the so called “soft” look.  A “soft” look in true words is an old flower.  Do not be fooled!  ROSE PETALS FLORIST has been designing beautiful wedding flowers for brides of all Faiths for 30 yrs. The freshest flowers and freshest design is always what you get from ROSE PETALS FLORIST AND at The price that you want to spend.

You can stop by 343 South 2nd Street, Little Falls or call for a free phone consultation for your Full Service Wedding Florist.  Check out our Many Google Reviews from many Happy Brides


Anytime (315)823-7073 for 2018 Wedding. Flowers  By ROSE PETALS FLORIST.



WHY SHOP WAL-MART for Flowers?

Why shop Wal-Mart for flowers?  Wal-Mart flowers are not the freshest flowers.  Wal-Mart Flowers are not a piece of artistic beauty as what you find at ROSE PETALS FLORIST.


Wal-Mart flowers do not offer you the ability to have custom made Corsages for your PROM.  Wal-Mart flowers do not create the most beautiful sympathy flowers and Wal-Mart flowers do not deliver as ROSEPETALS FLORIST does.


Wal-Mart flowers do not offer a better price than ROSE .PETALS FLORIST.


So, Why shop Wal-Mart for Flowers when you can shop at your Local florists?


Wal-Mart flowers do not stand the test of time.

At ROSEPETALS FLORIST you can always count on the FRESHEST most beautifully designed flowers to last at least 3 weeks.  You can always count on spending what you want to spend at ROSE PETALS FLORIST at 343 S. 2nd St. Little Falls NY.  (315)823-7073.

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Same Day Flower Delivery by ROSE PETALS FLORIST

Same Day Flower Delivery by ROSE PETALS FLORIST- 343 South 2nd St. LITTLE , NY 13365.   PH. (315)823-7073.

Valentine's day flower Delivery

Little Falls FLORIST-  reasonable priced Same Day Flower delivery by ROSE PETALS FLORIST


SAME DAY FLOWER DELIVERY BY ROSE PETALS FLORIST IS AVAILABLE 7 DAYS A WEEK.  We are only a phone call away centrally located at 343 S.2nd St.  Little Falls, NY.

(315)823-7073-FLOWERS+Flower Delivery by ROSE PETALS FLORIST

(315)823-7073-FLOWERS+Flower Delivery by ROSE PETALS FLORIST. WE deliver flowers in LITTLE FALLS, NY, DOLGEVILLE, NY, ST. JOHNSVILLE, NY, and ALL surrounding towns & villages.  Call ROSE PETALS FLORIST, your hometown Florist.

Valentine's day flower Delivery

Little Falls Florist-reasonable priced Flower delivery by ROSE PETALS FLORIST


We have very large Flower delivery.   area. (315)823-7073-FLOWERS+FLOWER Delivery by ROSE  PETALS  FLORIST delivers flowers as far west as the Utica, Rome Area.  We deliver Flowers as far North as Middleville, Poland & Barneveld areas.  Rose Petals  Florist  will deliver your flowers as far south as the Cooperstown areas & everyplace in between.  Our flower Delivery area spans East as far as Caroga Lake.  ROSE PETALS FLORIST  has regular daily flower deliveries to St. JOHNSVILLE, FORT PLAIN & CANAJOHARIE.


ROSE PETALS FLORIST  makes the most beautiful fresh flower arrangements for all occasions.  We have the largest flower delivery area and we deliver to all Funeral Homes.


Weddings created at Rose Petals Florist  has ab option of being. delivered on.  Your wedding day.

When you call in your flower order over the phone and. Use your credit card- your every occasion flowers can be delivered same day to anywhere in our large delivery area.


Red Carnations in Colored Mason Jar - $54.95

When you order flowers, shop the best, (315)823-7073-Flowers+Flower delivery ROSE PETALS FLORIST.

VALENTINE’S DAY 2018-Shop with the Rose Specialist!

In 1995  I founded ROSE PETALS FLORIST and since  that hot summer of ocean storms creating the tall Jumbo size roses in South America, Rose Petal Florist has always come up with Roses.  VALENTINE’S DAY 2018 –shop with the rose specialist is a very big event with endless roses for your Sweetheart.

We are open extended hours and we have a 24 hr live florist phone order taker. (315)823-7073.  All credit cards accepted.

We make sure that we never run out of roses, specially for Valentine’s Day.  We also make sure that everyone can afford roses from ROSE PETALS FLORIST.


I have personally handled Millions of roses through 30 years of working with flowers.  I spent my 1st  three years of my business certificate creating a strong foundation of business with wedding contracts in NYC and corporate accounts in central NY.  Now im concentrating solely on my local clientele.


I have Knowledge of roses stemming back to 1989 when  Mr. Lyndon Lyon showed me his hobble green house of miniature roses that he germinated in the freezer.


I remember him telling me that women that say they don’t like roses are women that haven’t  received them from the right florist yet.

We talked about the easy, free, natural care to keep roses alive longer and this is why all these years later, I always make sure the  rose care starts at my shop.

I always refer back to that conversation with Mr. Lyon and this is why i guarantee my roses for 2-3 weeks.  I know they will last and stay beautiful naturally when i arrange them! guaranteed!


When I started this business, my favorite rose color was yellow. By the end of my 1st week in Business my favorite color rose stands at Red.

I opened my flower shop Valentine’s  Week 1998.  Its been a whirlwind of Roses for 23 years.

ROSE PETALS FLORIST  has always been known to have the Very best Roses and at the Very Best price.

We don’t just sell 100s of roses, we sell thousands of roses Valentine’s  week.

Out of 23 years of guaranteed Valentine’s  Roses, we have only had to replace one dozen and that was because the person placed the vase of flowers too close to the wood stove.

We have tremendously raised our repeat customer base as each year passes;  thanks to our beautiful long-lasting roses and affordable  prices.

When you shop flowers for Valentine’s day, know that you shopped the right Florist when you shop ROSE PETALS FLORIST for roses and fresh flowers.


We are the only Florist in Central NY that guarantees your roses and that’s because we are the only florist that has always made sure you get your moneys-worth!


Valentine’s  Day 2018-shop with the Rose specialist!