Berry Tones Flower Filled Vase

ROSE PETALS FLORIST has designed  a ‘Berry Tones flower filled vase’ collection for a Thanksviving greetings and we deliver!

Stop by 343 South 2nd Street Little Falls NY or call direct  (315)823-7073


We take great pride in our design Talent and in our ability to design through Flower colors by looking deep through the layers of pigment in each flower.


We focus on the color tone and mutable pigments and hues.  With each flower we can create the unimaginable!


We found that by really looking at the many facets of colors in each flower petal  we can design from the natural hues.  Design we can properly create by using two seporite colors.  No body would dare to design together.   By daring to chance the proper pigment and hues in differant flowers we are able to create  an unimaginable Striking floral arrangement.


Our flower arrangements are breathtaking. Not only by design expertise and creativity.  Our knowledge in creating a totally differant color by using the correct placement of ‘hues’ is EVERYTHING!


We have the Eye and the expedience in the ‘art of color’ to design every arrangement breathtaking.


Our Berry Tones Collection has an artfully mixed array of colors and textures.


We design a vase of flowers that is all Jewel tones with shades of blues and purples.  This vase is chosen alot. We always design these vses beautifully.  Thecombination of blues and purples can be breath taking!

Berry Collection by ROSE PETALS FLORIST


We have the Much Loved Berry Tones in Scarlett shades to include red, burgundy and rasberry, wiith a touch of white.


Shades of Scarlett by ROSE PETALS FLORIST

Then we have the vase with a mixture of lavender hues deep purples, rasberry pigments and shades mauves and reds to always contrast with a pale green.




Send Thanksgiving Greetings with our Berry Tones Flower Fillded Vase by calling (315)823-7073.

Thanksgiving Centerpieces

Autumn flowers make beautiful Thanksgiving Centerpieces.


Our Thanksgiving Centerpieces can be designed  round or oval.  We use a low tray with wet foam to design these beautiful table pieces.  We can also design with candles and candles with a globe if  you like.


If you prefer us to not use candles, thats fine too. We will use cinnamon sticks to get that home feeling scent..


A lot of times we get requests at Thanksgiving time to use pine and balsam so the greenery and decorations can last through the Christmas Holiday season.


We use a nice variety of Autumn flowers such as rover mum, chrysanthemums, carnations, alstromaryia, roses, Statice filler flower,  and babys breath.

We have different prices on our Thanksgiving centerpieces and they vary from $55.00 & up.

The smaller round centerpieces start at $55.00 and the oval centerpieces start at $75.00.


      When you send holiday floral

Thanksgiving Centerpiece

Round Sunflower Centerpiecegreetings for Thanksgiving through  ROSE PETALS FLORIST, you can always be sure that our Autumn Flowers make beautiful, Thanksgiving centerpieces l when you call (315)823-7073



Christmas Flowers

Christmas Flowers are beautifully Designed at ROSE PETALS FLORIST.


We make Beautiful traditional Christmas flower arrangements in all the Christmas colors.


Bells, glitter and cinnamon sticks included to give the Festive feel.  We also add a cute little ‘snowman’ Keepsake to our flower vases.


We make beautiful Christmas Centerpieces adorned with all the christmas decorations.  We really fill our Centerpieces filled with fresh flowers.


We can also use a glass globe in the centerpieces with a candle if you like.


Our Festive Christmas Wreaths have been Popular for many years.  Our Wreaths are in all sizes and can be hung on doors and buildings.


We also sell Garland Roping in Cedar, Pine & Balsam.


When you send Christmas Flowers call ROSE PETALS FLORIST (315)823-7073

Floral Colors of AUTUMN

Floral Colors of Autumn in fresh Fall Flowers at ROSE PETALS FLORIST 343 South 2nd Street, Little Falls NY.  CALL: (315)823-7073 .


ROSE PETALS FLORIST (315)823-7073 little falls NY FLORIST

Autumn Flowers ROSE PETALS FLORIST Little Falls NY FLORIST (315)823-7073-Little Falls Florist


We design breathtaking Fall Flowers Vases in all colors and Textures to  bring out the true Autumn Glow.


Floral Colors of Autumn in tones of yellows, oranges and gold at ROSE PETALS FLORIST Little Falls.



We then add splashes of Plum in the purples as we cool the color with puffy white babys breath..

I designed my very 1st Floral design during this season in 1988.  I remember that I had a basket that looked like an old-time hay wagon.  I decorated it with Fall trinkets, a mini scare crow, hay & autumn flowers.  Needless to say,  this fall flowers basket sold immediately.

Theres something about this time of the year that brings family’s closer for the long autumn season.  The Air has that crisp feel that makes everyone want to say inside.


We have Thanksgiving approaching and this is always the best time to connect with loved ones.


If you are unable to travel home, send your love through Fall Flowers.  We have the Beautiful glass vase Arrangement that everyone Loves.


The Basket arrangement is a beautiful way to send greetings.


The Festive Centerpiece is that floral piece that screams HAPPY THANKSGIVING!


All of our Floral Colors if Autumn Fall Flowers are Beautiful and greatly loved.


As always, Call ROSE PETALS FLORIST for the finest in Fall Flowers.  (315)823-7073


     During this fall time of the year, send  Floral Colors of Autumn by ROSE PETALS FLORIST (315)823-7073


Little Falls Florist – Flower Delivery by ROSE PETALS FLORIST

When Ordering Flowers at a Little Falls Florist – flower delivery by ROSE PETALS FLORIST is the Right Choice to make.


Call (315)823)7073 to shop with a Local Flower Shop that designs the most beautiful floral vases to have delivered.


You can  also order flowers online at or call direct for Flower delivery in and around Little Falls NY when you dial (315)823-7073.

Shopping at or  at 343 South 2nd Street, Little Falls any time is also a good choice.   You can pick out a beautiful vase of flowers from our remade choice of fresh flower designs in our one of our coolers.  We can also design something spectacular while you set and wait.


We have flower delivery in Little Falls , Dolgeville and St. Johnsville.  Rose Petals Florist will deliver to all surrounding towns as well.


ROSE PETALS FLORIST designs all occasion flowers at all price points and for every event. We have flower delivery Early in the day if needed.


A common flower delivery request is for a vase or Red Roses from ROSE PETALS FLORIST that lasts beautifully for 2 – 3 weeks while designed in a vase.  Our pricing is also Very competitive  even through Valentine’s Day.


The  beautiful glass vase arrangements that sells very well includes beautiful seasonal flowers the fill the vase nicely.

little falls flowers ROSE PETALS FLORIST (315)823-7073

Little Falls NY Flowers ROSE PETALS FLORIST seasonal flowers (315)823-7073 at ROSE PETALS FLORIST


ROSE PETALS FLORIST designs beautiful ‘breath-taking Wedding Flowers.


We will deliver your wedding flowers and set-up if requested.

Our local flower shop creates the most beautiful weddings with years of experienced resulting many Happy Brides!’ We work with the brides budget.


When ordering Sympathy Flowers Know to  contact the Florist (315)823-7073  We are ALWAYS AVAILABLE.


Our Sympathy flowers are  Beautiful and Affordable when you order Directly from ROSE PETALS FLORIST.


We have always designed beautiful ‘Full’ traditional ‘Fan Shaped’ Funeral baskets for about 30 years.  These are beautiful one-sided Arranged Specifically for funeral home  ‘visitation’.  We have Flower delivery yo all Funeral Homes for all Sympathy flowers as well.


Our designers have also offered the Home style Sympathy Vase for many years. It’s a vase that has grown in popularity. This arrangement is a wide glass vase arranged with a nice assortment of seasonal blooms that we deliver to the Funeral Home.


There are many stems of flowers making a beautiful garden display for your sympathy gesture.  This vase may include Lilies, roses, chrysanthemums, rover mum stems, spider mum stems & statuses Breath along with other filler flowers the list continues on We do use beautiful delicate Babysbreath to design the utmost best flowers.  All sizes of floral arrangement get delivered to the Funeral homes and cemetary if requested.


Our Casket Blankets get delivered to all Funeral Homes Before  visitation as well.


We have flower delivery through the entire Mohawk Valley  to businesses and residential also .


Call your Little Falls FLORIST – Flower delivery by ROSE PETALS FLORIST  NOW (315)823-7073.


Little Falls Florist - Flower delivery by ROSE PETALS FLORIST

Little Falls Florist – Flower Delivery by ROSE PETALS FLORIST

Little Falls NY Florist (315)823-7073

Your trusted Little Falls NY Florist (315)823-7073.   ROSE PETALS FLORIST 343 South 2nd Street, Little Falls NY 13365.


Rose Petals Florist designs flowers for all occasions.  We make beautiful vase arrangements & baskets for any occasion.


We design Breathtaking wedding flowers for all weddings big and small.


Our Sympathy Flowers are Beautiful Artfully designed Flower FILLED arrangements.  Our Sympathy designs are made where everyone is happy with.



little falls flowers ROSE PETALS FLORIST (315)823-7073

Little Falls NY Flowers ROSE PETALS FLORIST flowers (315)823-7073

ROSE PETALS FLORIST  ROSE PETALS FLORIST  has been designing flowers since 1987 in Little Falls NY and branched out in 1995 to create our own floral shop with much success.lWe have stood strong Through Thick and thin with  a crazy economy.  We have survived as we continue as your trusted LITTLE FALLS NY FLORIST.     
   ”  ROSE PETALS FLORIST has “Bloomed” in Little Falls thanks to all of you and your families. “


Our Flower shop has been Blessed with our many customers both near and far and we thank you..


We are always dedicated to design only the best floral vases.


We design everyday vases, Weddings, party’s & Funerals. To reach the very best  Florist in the Mohawk Valley.  Call (315)823-7073 When you want flowers call your Trusted Little Falls NY Florist (315)823-7073