Flower Delivery For MOM in LITTLE FALLS, NY

That special day is nearing as we all keep in thought every year that the 2nd Sunday of May is the day that we want to remember to send FLOWERS FOR flower Delivey FOR MOM IN LITTLE FALLS NY by calling ROSE PETALS FLORIST  (315)823-7073 for a lovely clear GLASS VASE ARRANGEMENT or the always loved traditional colored mason jar flower filled vase for Mothers Day.

The colored mason jar flower filled vase is an all time favorite that’s a perfect gift that has an assortment of Flowers and. Greenery.  We also make flower filled clear vase arrangements as elaborate as you like.


We always like designing a fresh assortment of colorful flowers to include Liatris, Lillies, Limonium, crysanthimums, lilacs, freezia,, iris, roses, snaps and The Official Mothers Day Flower; carnations along with other flowers to give a nice country feel and fresh frarence that will literly last and still look good going into the 3rd week!


Flower Delivery for Mom in LITTLE FALLS, N.Y. and also Dolgeville NY and St. Johnsville, NY and surrounding areas from ROSE PETALS FLORIST is Always your best choice when you want to send flowers.

Moms love our flowers because they are so beautiful & noticbly fresh, but also because we Always make our flower vases to look good from every angle so it goes perfect in the center of the table!  (Most FLORIST won’t do this type of arrangement)


These flower Filled Vases are litterly designed with the most flowers.  Everyone loves them because there’s a lot of flowers for the price, they are beautiful designs and they out-last ALL compition in Freshness and longivity.


Mom will love her Flower Filled VASE that you send her because she will know that she taught you well when she sees that you did your flower shopping at ROSE PETALS FLORIST when she sees the powder blue FLOWER-MOBILE  for FLOWER DELIVERY FOR MOM in LITTLE Falls, NY. And surrounding towns & vilages.

Valentine's day flower Delivery

Little Falls Florist



Its Prom time again and you need Flowers-Prom Flowers-Little Falls and all surrounding communities.  It’s always worth the trip to ROSE PETALS FLORIST, 343 S. 2nd St. Little Falls, N.Y. 13365.  We have all styles, colors & designs of Flowers-Prom Flowers-Little Falls.  Stop by or call all hours (315)823-7073.


Tell us the color combination that you would like us to use for your PROM flowers and we are sure to match beautifully.

Read our Goole reviews to see that you are shopping the right FLORIST for your PROM Flowers.  You are sure to be happy with our PROM corsages!

You always get the prettiest and the freshest Flowers From ROSE PETALS FLORIST!

Here are just a few PROM flowers Corsages out of many that we can make with matching boutiniers:

Flowers-prom Flowers-Little Falls


WEDDING Flowers|Little Falls, NY (315)823-7073

It’s that time to start looking for the very Best, the prettiest and the Freshest WEDDING FLOWERS|Little Falls, NY(315)823-7073


When you start looking, you can stop by our shop at 343 South 2nd Street,  Little Falls,  N.Y. to browse our great selection of fresh flowers.  You can look through our books for ideas or even give me a clue so I can help you visualize one of the most important days of your life.


Don’t be shy, you can pitch me any idea that you have and I’m sure to come up with the most beautiful designs that you were only able to imagine. We can design the very best and unique weddings on a shoe string budget.  Flowers|Little Falls, N.Y. (315)823-7073


We can make your Wedding Flowers with so many different Flowers from all over the world.  We can make your Wedding Flowers in all shades of white or in more colors than the rainbow.


I have made WEDDING FLOWERS for Weddings all over N.Y. State for about 30 years.  We are up to date with all of the newest wedding trends as well as designing many traditional weddings.


I have made wedding flowers for Weddings in NYC as well as NJ.  I’ve made Wedding flowers for people getting married in Canada and I’ve made wedding flowers for a couple who married in South America.  You can essay that our wedding flower bouquets go global!

All wedding flowers|Little Falls, N.Y.  (315)823-7073 are made right here at our local flower shop ROSE PETALS FLORIST.

We have designed WEDDING flowers for all budgets, all religions; all couples.


You can also call us for a free phone consultation Flowers|Little Falls (3+5)823-7073


Always know that you will always feel comfortable with us creating your wedding flowers.  We ALWAYS use the Freshest flowers, we always listen to you the customer and we design your dream wedding.



Flowers|Little Falls, NY (315)823-7073


But Wedding flowers are just a small segment of Flowers that me create.  We make the very best and Freshest Vase arrangements, dish gardens and baskets.  We also make all styles of Sympathy and Funeral Flowers.

WEDDING Flowers|Little Falls, NY(315)823-7073

Flowers 13365

Flowers 13365.  ROSE PETALS FLORIST  343 SOUTH 2nd Street, Little Falls,  N.Y. 13365



FLOWERS 13365.

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Little Falls Florist-Flower Delivery by ROSE PETALS FLORIST

Little Falls Florist-Flower delivery by ROSE PETALS FLORIST 343 SOUTH 2nd St. Little Falls, N.Y. 13365.

Valentine's day flower Delivery

Little Falls Florist-flower delivery by ROSE PETALS FLORIST

Every occasion flowers. Always available FLORIST a phone call away (315)823-7073.


Flower delivery in Little Falls, NY.




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Little Falls Flowers|Flowers by ROSE PETALS FLORIST (315)823-7073 Little Falls, NY 13365

Little Falls Flowers|Flowers by ROSE PETALS FLORIST (315)823-7073 Little Falls, N.Y. 13365. Order Little Falls Flowers from ROSE PETALS FLORIST at 343 S. 2nd Street BY CALLING OR STOPPING BY.  Order flowers through our webpage rosepetalsflorist.com

Little Falls Flowers at ROSE PETALS FLORIST are the best gift as we have the best designs, the Freshest Flowers and the most affordable prices.

Little Falls flowers

Little Falls Flowers|Flowers by ROSE PETALS florist (315)823-7073 Little Falls, N.Y. 13365


ROSE PETALS FLORIST designs the most beautiful wedding flowers for your wedding.  We are the FLORIST that you can depend on to design your Wedding the way that you plan.  We can save you so much money in Wedding Flowers because we take the time to order the best flowers at the best prices.


Little Falls Flowers|Flowers by ROSE PETALS FLORIST (315)823-7073 Little  Falls, N.Y. 13365

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Little Falls, NY SPRING FLOWERS & Hand Delivery

LITTLE FALLS, N.Y. SPRING FLOWERS & Hand Delivery to Little Falls, Dolgeville, St. Johnsville, Fairfield, Salisbury Center & Stratford & Cooperstown, NY.


ROSE PETALS FLORIST is the FLORIST to call for FRESH Flowers. With Spring we have a wide array of spring flowers to design in your bright colorful flower order.



We make a beautiful mixture of tulips, lilies, paper whites, irises, garden roses, anemones, freesia and the list goes on.


One thing for sure is that you will have the most colorful and most fragrant bouquet for pick up or for delivery.

Valentine's day flower Delivery

Little Falls, N.Y. SPRING FLOWERS &hand delivery


Our fresh flowers are guaranteed to last 3-4 weeks with the most beauty!  Always notice the bright colors of our flowers and the vibrant look of our bouquets.


Our flowers are long stem flowers that have strong , firm stems.  Our Flowers hold their natural color without fading.  Our Flowers are soft to the touch, but firm petals to really show you how fresh our flowers are.

New For Mothers Day Bouquets in Colored Vintage Style Mason Jars

New For Mothers Day Bouquets in Colored Vintage Style Mason Jars[dessky_responsive_slider]

At ROSE PETALS FLORIST, we believe that you should have the longest lasting flowers and the Freshest Flowers.  We properly prepare our water  as we and we always pass on our knowledge to keep your flowers beautiful for the longest time.


We use only Fresh Flowers; know that Fresh FLOWERS do not need tape, wires or tubes to keep them standing up.  If you see tape, wires & tubes; you know that the flower is old and flimsy.


I take great pride in my business that I’ve always worked to make sure that you have the very freshest flowers, The Most Flowers per order and the best design!


You can Always be assured that we are the florists that you want to call.  We even have the lowest delivery charge!


We are located across the street from the Dollar Store Parking lot.  Stop by or flower shop at 343 South 2nd Street, Little Falls, NY OR:


Call our Flower Phone at (315)823-7073


We strive to make the recipient happy but we also make sure, you, the sender is happy about Little Falls, NY Spring Flowers & hand delivery.


FLOWERS in Little Falls, NY

Flowers in Little Falls,  N.Y. can always be found at ROSE PETALS FLORIST 343 SOUTH 2nd Street, Little Falls, NY.


Teleflora Valentine Flowers Header


Flowers in Little Falls N.Y. for Every Event.  Or just because.  Fresh FLOWERS for Weddings at the best prices, the best design and the best quality found at ROSE PETALS FLORIST.  Our Flowers are the freshest and the longest lasting flowers that you can buy.  We have years of experience in the floral trade and we know the Perfect techniques to use to keep flowers healthy and strong for the longest time.


Having flowers healthy and strong for a longer period is Always welcomed with the recipients.


We select the Perfect blooms to use when making a floral ARRANGEMENT  and a flower filled vase.  We choose a great variety of flowers that are fresh, colorful and vibrant.   We properly cut the stems and then place the flower stems in the vase in a certain way to give the stems the longest life while still following the proper art of designing.


When designing flowers at ROSE PETALS FLORIST keep in mind that the ONLY One-sided ARRANGEMENT that is ever made is a Fan Shaped Traditional Funeral Flowers Vase.

Men; keep in mind that women DO NOT  want to receive flowers that look like they belong in a FUNERAL Home.  Women want a vase if flowers that has flowers on all sides.  Women don’t want to set the flowers against the wall, they want the vase of flowers to look natural from all sides in the center of the table.

Men, when you spend your money; you want ALL the flowers, you dont want a vase of flowers that has been chopped in half!  At ROSE PETALS FLORIST, you get a FULL vase of flowers for the same amount that our competition charges you as they put Less than HALF the flowers in a one sided arrangement.


You always Know our vase of Flowers because our vases are so full with Long Stem Flowers that stay snug in the ARRANGEMENT due to the many stems.


You  know that our flowers last 3-4 weeks guarenteed!


Stop by or call for the freshest flowers (315)823-7073.


ROSE PETALS FLORIST for flowers in Little Falls, NY.